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EDI electronic e-invoice

Experience true e-invoicing – no paper, no printing, no scanning and OCRing! With modern technology of electronic data interchange (EDI), you can save your time and money and protect natural environment. We ensure 100% of invoice dematerialisation!

Our invoice validation and innovative solution for archiving electronic invoices (System Archiwizacji Faktur Elektronicznych, SAFE) provide a quick, comfortable, safe and affordable way to send, process, receive and collect all types of electronic invoices in the most convenient format.

E-invoice, or electronic invoice, is an electronic document having the features of an invoice. Electronic invoicing allows entrepreneurs to make settlements just as with traditional invoices.
Application of e-invoices brings multiple benefits:

  • savings – we save not only on paper and toner, but also on the postage costs and archiving
  • timeliness – e-invoice may be delivered to the recipient instantaneously to their email address
  • safety – no risk of damage and reduced risk of failed delivery of the electronic invoice
  • comfort – e-invoice is very easy to store and may be found and viewed at any time

Electronic invoices and the law

In Poland, electronic invoices may be used on the basis of the amended VAT Act, which was changed in this respect on 1 January 2014 (Article 2(31) and (32) of the VAT Act). The amendment of the Act introduced a definition of electronic invoices, which reflects the definition adopted in Article 217 of the Directive 2006/112/EC as amended by Directive 2010/45/EU

The provisions indicate that an invoice is a document made on paper or electronically which contains data required by the Act and regulations issued on its basis. According to the Act, an e-invoice (electronic invoice) is an invoice issued and received in any electronic format.

In accordance with the VAT Act, electronic invoice must meet the requirement of authenticity, integrity and legibility. Authenticity of origin means that there should be no doubt as to the identity of the entities in the invoice. Integrity of the content means that no changes may be made to the data in the invoice. Legibility means that an e-invoice should clearly show all the required information.

The following documents may be issued, sent and received:

  • VAT invoices
  • adjustment invoices
  • adjustment notes
  • duplicate invoices

What is an electronic invoice?

Electronic invoices are governed by the same principles as regular invoices. Therefore, electronic invoices should contain the same elements as regular invoices, inter alia date, number, indication of the transaction parties, name, measurement unit and quantity of the goods or services, costs, rates and the tax amount.

The law does not specify the format of an electronic invoice. Entrepreneurs usually use the PDF format, but it is also possible to use other convenient formats, such as XML.

Validation of EDI electronic invoices

The EDI communication system makes electronic invoicing even more easy. With our validation, you can be sure that the invoice is correct in terms of calculations – the tax is calculated properly, the declaration is appropriate, the qualification for the accounting period is correct etc., and also in business terms – it has a proper structure, validity date, delivery note number and other data. Validation is carried out on the basis of the rules agreed with the customer.

Validation is also complemented by “matching”, i.e., comparing the invoices with purchase orders, outstock acceptance (OA) proofs and other logistics documents. As a result, it is possible to quickly discover any discrepancies between the invoices on the one hand, and logistics documents and delivery details on the other hand.

Secure archive of e-invoices

We are also committed do store e-invoices securely, in a manner that preserved their authenticity, integrity and legibility. Archived documents are available online to authorised persons.

The system for archiving electronic invoices (System Archiwizacji Faktur Elektronicznych, SAFE) allows to store invoices electronically in line with the requirements arising under the VAT Act and Accounting Act. The system also supports fast search of the required documents, for example for the purposes of inspection or audit.





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