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KSeF: Krajowy System e-Faktur

The National System of e-Invoices – KSeF - what does it mean for entrepreneurs?


Works are underway on the National System of e-Invoices (known under the Polish acronym KSeF - "Krajowy System e-Faktur"). It is a platform created by the Ministry of Finance for purposes of issuing and receiving invoices by electronic means. In the initial period, structured invoices will be used in business transactions as one of acceptable forms of recording transactions, alongside paper invoices. Among advantages of introducing the KSEF is automation of the process related to carrying out tax audits – they will be shorter and will require less involvement on the part of entrepreneurs.

Krajowy System eFaktur


Let us help your company get prepared for KSeF!

We are cooperating with the Ministry of Finance on an ongoing basis and we are monitoring legislative changes in the Polish law. We therefore ensure full compliance with the latest legal regulations as well transparency of the flow of all documents. An operator of electronic data exchange (including e-invoices), we have been ensuring full digitization of business processes between companies for over 25 years.

From the very beginning, we have been watching the project that is the National System of e-Invoices, actively participating in working meetings organized by the Ministry of Finance. Discussed at such meeting are the progress of the project, technical details of the system, specification of a structured invoice, or API documentation.

We are keeping a close eye on the situation and are fully ready to implement the KSeF. We provide support at every stage of the project. Through our EDI platform, we will enable you to instantly integrate your company with the government-run platform. We will thus enable you to send and receive invoices from the KSeF.

What is the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF)?

KSeF, or the National System of e-Invoices, is a system designed to register, receive, and store invoices in a structured form. The e-invoices collected in the system will be system-assigned an ID numer, and compliance with the specified invoice template and data correctness will also be verified. As announced by the Ministry of Finance, if the new solution proves successful, it may replace the existing SAF-T.

Krajowy System eFaktur

What is an electronic invoice? What is a structured invoice?

Under the current regulations, an electronic invoice is as important a document as a paper one - from the point of view of the tax administration, entrepreneurs and other taxpayers. For this reason, provisions determining the structure of invoices and scope of information contained therein, as well as rules of storing invoices, also apply to the electronic version.

A special case of an electronic invoice is a structured electronic invoice - in the form of a structured XML message compliant with the European standard EN-16931, which enables its automatic processing by the buyer. Currently, it is used in public procurement, construction works or service concessions, and public-private partnerships.

Structured invoices are invoices issued by taxpayers via the ICT system, i.e. the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF) that are marked with an assigned number identifying invoices in the system.

Project works

Krajowy System eFaktur

The Ministry of Finance forecasts that as at Q1 2024, structured invoices will become obligatory and will entirely replace other forms of invoicing.


Benefits of using KSeF

  • Simplified invoicing rules
  • Discounts on storing and archiving invoices (the Ministry of Finance will store documents for 10 years)
  • Preventing irregularities in the tax area (VAT, excise duty, and income taxes)
  • Expedite VAT refund (from 60 to 40 days)
  • Safe storage of invoices (they will not be destroyed or lost, which will also eliminate duplicate invoices)
  • Guarantee that an invoice will always be delivered to the contractor (which will affect the dynamics and speeding up of turnover)
  • One template for all invoices
  • Standardization of mutual settlements
  • Simplification of accounting and invoicing
  • No need to send an additional Standard Audit File for Invoices (JPK_FA) - data will already be available in the KSeF

KSeF and PEF

Pending final implementation of the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF), you may already check operations of the Polish PEF Electronic Invoicing Platform that has been in use since 2019. This tool supports implementing of an obligation to use electronic invoices in public procurement. Entrepreneurs and public entities are therefore able to employ this special platform in circulating structured invoices, and they can do it free of charge via the website. Large entities can integrate their systems with it, i.e. download invoices automatically.

The PEF platform helps to accomplish the goal of accepting electronic invoices between public institutions and businesses. This goal is part of an obligation imposed on Poland and other Member States of the European Union to implement Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement.

EDI and e-invoice

EDI, which stands for electronic data interchange, is a comprehensive standard for secure commercial communication for B2B transactions. This reliable and proven technology is used in virtually every industry and supports operations of all types of companies - small, medium, and large ones.

Regulations of 09 November 2018, which entered into force on 18 April 2019, introduced an obligation to use electronic invoices in public procurement. As a consequence, electronic invoices started replacing the usual paper invoices. The new regulations, based on the KSeF platform, introduce the possibility of issuing structured invoices as one of accepted forms of documenting transactions. This means that by 2024 paper invoices will not have been used at all.

Get started

Given that invoicing is only one part of the financial supply chain, it is not difficult to integrate e-invoicing into the wider context of an integrated market, from purchase to payment. Creation of an integrated, uniform area of electronic documents accompanying each stage of the transaction facilitates connection of ordering, delivery, invoicing, and payment processes. This may in the near future result in the use of EDI technology as an indispensable tool for execution of virtually all transactions. Every entrepreneur should give this solution a serious thought - regardless of the industry or size of their company.

EDISON SA is a leading Polish business in the digital transformation and document circulation. We have been providing electronic data interchange (EDI) services for 25 years, ensuring full digitization of business processes between companies. We are cooperating with the Ministry of Finance on the KSeF project on an ongoing basis.

On 19 June 2019 EDISON SA has become part of the international EDITEL Group, which has been specializing in EDI solutions for over 30 years. The EDITEL Group is one of the leading providers of electronic data interchange on the European market. The international reach is always accompanied by in-depth knowledge of local regulations and business environment.







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