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Electronic data interchange (EDI)

 Electronic data interchange is a reliable method of automation of B2B communication. By deciding to interchange documents electronically, you make your company’s business processes more efficient, consequently saving time and money.

Automation and digitalization of business processes are trends which can be observed around the world. EDI fits into this excellently, guaranteeing digital availability of all data associated with widely defined processes of purchase and sales. Electronic documents constitute a convenient alternative to paper documents. The paper form of documents (also an invoice sent in pdf format which is subsequently printed out) requires manual data input which generates ever increasing costs. What is more, in case of documents exchanged in the paper form, errors, damages or losses may easily occur.

Introduction of EDI may decrease costs of selected processes by as much as 80%.

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Benefits of using EDI:

- time savings,

- elimination of errors and faults related to manual data input,

- automation of business processes,

- transparency of processes,

- looking after the natural environment (saving paper and energy)

WebEDI. Electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange via an Internet application? Discover WebEDI. We offer an efficient and safe method of sending and receiving electronic documents. The service is available via an ordinary web browser. WebEDI is a simple and intuitive platform which enables exchange of documents in the following formats: XML, EDIFACT, UBL, CSV, FF or TX.

WebEDI. The application’s basic functions:

- sending and receiving electronic documents,

- creating invoices and delivery notes on the basis of a local catalogue,

- tracking statuses of sent documents,

- in-built archive of received and sent documents,

- serial printing of received orders,

- monitoring events history.

EDI – Electronic data interchange around the world

We are a part of the international EDITEL group – leading supplier of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) supplier in Central and Eastern Europe. International experience of the group’s companies enables us to quickly and efficiently connect business partners around the world. We also support companies in dealing with local legal requirements.

  • We support all key means of communication: AS4, AS2, TCP/IP, HTTPS, FTP, SOAP, X400, TGMS, TIP/EAP, FrameRelay, ISDN, OFTP.
  • We provide data interchange (integration) with all ERP systems.

More and more entrepreneurs chose EDI communication. By introducing electronic data interchange, within the scope of orders, invoices and logistical documents, amongst others – you ensure that your business processes are efficient. Given the scale of operation, EDI communication works in every company. Full control of the processes directly supports the company’s efficiency and consequently the execution of its strategic objectives. EDI enables instant transfer of information between the company and its suppliers and recipients. By choosing electronic documents, you make the processes of order and production execution more efficient and reduce the waiting time for your final product, which consequently translates into the company’s position.

Trust our knowledge and experience. Electronic data interchange provides an answer to the main trends.

Call +48 (12) 425 09 70 and check which EDI solutions may automate the business processes of your company.





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EDISON S.A. is member of EDITEL Group   Editel do stopki